Pen Pal Makes a Connection With a Donation
JoJo Laroque receives a donation

JoJo Laroque, a sixth grade student in the WHA middle school, received a $100 check from her pen pal as a donation to the WHA school pantry/food shelf.

March 1 - Ruth Brueland Chosen Paraprofessional Educator of Excellence

Congratulations Ruth Brueland who was chosen as Sourcewell's Paraprofessional Educator of Excellence! Out of 23 districts, Ruth was the ONE paraprofessional selected to represent Region 5. Ruth will be celebrated on May 8 at the Educators of Excellence Awards Banquet.

November 28th - 2018-2019 Rotary Reading Challenge
Rotary Challenge

Our 2018-2019 Rotary Reading Challenge theme is Climb to the Top. The challenge will run from November 26-March 1. Each grade level created an English Language Arts-focused goal. The goals are listed below. Teachers also created student incentive and teacher resource wish lists to help achieve their goal. Thank you to the businesses/organizations listed below for sponsoring the Reading Challenge by fulfilling the wish lists. We will track student progress using a bulletin board that all students pass on the way to lunch. We kicked off the challenge on November 26 by showing a short video created by our Art teacher, Lynda Foster.

PreK Goal:

75% of preschool students will be able to identify 15 upper case letters of the alphabet by March 1st.

Kindergarten Goal:

80% of students in kindergarten will be able to retell a story with a beginning, middle, and end with or without picture clues by March 1st.

First Grade Goal:

1st grade students will increase 4 reading levels between November 29th and March 1st.

Second Grade Goal:

90% of students will increase 2 Book Levels between November 29th and March 1st.

Third Grade Goal:

90% of third graders will improve their adjusted DAZE score by 10 words between November 29th and March 1st.

Fourth Grade Goal:

80% of 4th grade students will read 10 novels at their lexile level with a minimum of 50 pages per novel between November 29th and March 1st.

Fifth Grade Goal:

The 5th grade will increase their lexile by 15% from the beginning of the school year to March 1st.

(Stifel Nichols) Pre K

(Leer Title) Kindergarten

(DW Jones) 1st Grade

(Walker Home Center and Log Homes Minnesota) 2nd Grade

(Baker Law Office) 3rd Grade

Cedar Point Realty - 4th Grade

(Pederson Dental Office) 5th Grade